Corsair Strafe RGB (Cherry MX Silent Switches)

My daily driver up until this point has been the Blackwidow Chroma Ultimate with the Green Kailh (clicky) switches. Whilst the gaming experience with the tactile feel was good, there were a couple of annoyances which ruined the ambiance at home and which my wife particularly hated with a passion. The extremely loud clicks made gaming & typing at night near impossible to do without there being complaints – I would compare them to the Cherry MX Blues, but a tad worse. The typing experience was not too great overall, I definitely would not recommend them, especially for someone like me with a typing average of around 120wpm, I made too many mistakes with this particular keyboard.

After almost 5 months of use (and suffering in silence) I thought it was time to start shopping for a new keyboard. The CES 2016 Appreciation offer from Razer had popped up and for $159 AUD I would have potentially purchased the Razer Chroma Ultimate with the Orange Kailh (silent switches). I was ready the moment orders opened – added the keyboard to my cart, went through to checkout — and uh-oh! — payment could not be completed due to insufficient stock, wait… What? You’re telling me 30 seconds after, it’s already out of stock? Something fishy for sure, but I took it as a sign and decided to look elsewhere. Don’t get me wrong, I was a part of a professional gaming team back in my prime and we were the first team in Australia to be sponsored by Razer, so whilst my loyalty for the brand remains strong, the product was just not for me.

Sure enough I came across the Corsair Strafe RGB with Cherry MX Silent switches with their claimed 30% reduction in noise! My oh my, they did sound great on the YouTube comparison videos, a few which were compared directly against the keyboard I was trying to move away from. I was fairly convinced with my decision and took on to MSY in Auburn and purchased the keyboard after a 30minute wait.

The packaging was nice and the child in me couldn’t wait to just tear it open and I just couldn’t resist testing the keys… Oh My GOD! They were so silent… No longer did I have to prepare my ears for the torture of the Kailh Green switches! The setup process was extremely easy and within 10minutes I had the Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) installed and loaded up with a couple of profiles downloadable from Corsair’s RGB Share. Whilst the software isn’t as easy to use as Razer’s Synapse – it wasn’t hard to get my head around either and it most definitely has a couple of features I like, such as the live preview of the lighting arrangements.

So what happened to my Blackwidow Chroma Ultimate you ask? Well, that has found a place at work coupled with my Razer Deathadder 2013 & large Steelseries cloth mouspad. Whilst the clicky keys are teased and definitely undesired, the Chroma RGB lighting sure impresses those who pass by my work area.


If you are looking for a keyboard, that is the absolute best bang-for-buck, then this is it! The Corsair Strafe RGB with MX Silent switches retails in Australia from around $185 and upward, and also comes with alternate Cherry MX key switch types. Typing with the Cherry MX Silent switches is an absolute dream, and just quietly, probably saved my marriage. I welcome the casual gaming nights and not have anyone pissed off with my keybashing or typing.

Best of luck with your future purchases, and if you have any questions fire them my way on Twitter @eyeball3r.


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